7 Warning Signs You Should Look for a New Job

7 Warning Signs You Should Look for a New Job

Is it time for you to say your goodbyes and look for a new job?

If you frequent TK+Co you might be getting tired of me telling you that you deserve your dream career. But, I’m going to keep saying it because it’s the truth! And, we all need a little reminder every now and then.

But, part of building the career of your dreams is also knowing when to move on to another opportunity. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms the time has come girl.

You feel unmotivated

Symptoms: Your current feeling about your job can be best summarized as “meh.” You don’t feel invested in what you’re working on and mustering up the effort to even get to work feels like a job in itself.

If this is you, start looking for a job that you are passionate about, like yesterday. Because first and foremost, why spend hours of your life doing something you aren’t passionate about?

Plus, lack of motivation might start to affect your performance and turn into a bit of a self sabotage situation. Because let’s be real, if you’re not motivated you’re probably not as productive, not doing your best work, or all that fun to be around as a co-worker.

Do yourself a favor and find an opportunity that allows you to be your best version of yourself. Where you’ll be producing quality work that you enjoy being a part of and you aren’t staring at the clock every five minutes.

It’s affecting your health

Symptoms: You’re feeling very overwhelmed or anxious. Worrying about work is your new norm and it’s beginning to consume other areas of your life outside of the nine to five.

Stress at work happens. We all have performance expectations and deadlines. But, if it’s unending it can have serious effects on your health and wellbeing. It can contribute to unhealthy eating habits, depression, mental exhaustion, weight gain, high-blood pressure and heart disease.

Also, here’s a not-so-fun-fact for you: the majority of heart attacks occur on Monday mornings. Eeek! Coincidence? I think not.

I promise, your health is more important than your job. Take steps to find a better environment or role that won’t leave you tossing and turning all night. If it’s really getting to you and you can’t part ways just yet, talk to your doctor and find strategies to cope in the meantime.

You can’t stand your boss

Symptoms: Your interactions are riddled with miscommunication, you avoid them when you can, and maybe, just maybe, an eye roll or two occurs when they walk away from your desk.

Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s them, but try as you might you just don’t mesh.

Unfortunately, having a boss you can’t work well with is a deal breaker. I’m not saying to jump ship the first time you have a difference of opinion. But, if you dread going to work and they are the culprit, it may be time to move on. For everyone’s sake.

Whether you two just can’t get on the same page or they truly are a bad boss. The cold hard truth is, you could land your dream job, but your boss can make or break it.

The work environment makes you feel uncomfortable

Symptoms: You’re starting to see that the people you work with, or the company itself, doesn’t make the most ethical decisions and you’re not cool with it. Or, someone is treating you disrespectfully or inappropriately.

Leave! Get out! It’s the end of you and them. (Cue my JoJo karaoke session as I write this). Singing aside, you need to speak to your supervisor or HR about the situation ASAP if you are being mistreated or harassed at work.

And, if you just don’t dig the way the company does business because it doesn’t align with your personal values, find a company that does.

You’re not learning anything new

Symptoms: You rock at your job, but maybe a little bit too much. You can’t remember the last time you were pushed out of your comfort zone or tackled a project that felt like a good challenge.

When you stop learning at your job, it’s a sign that your career growth might be in a plateau. If you absolutely love your job, I totally get it. But, you may regret being at a standstill when it does come time to make a switch.

Why? Because if you stay in a role too long you’re not continuing to build your skill set while other people are.

Always know what your next ideal role is and keep your career progression in mind.

You’re concerned about the company’s stability

Symptoms: The company’s profits have been declining, layoffs have occurred, or you have a feeling the future may not look so great.

Depending on where you work, it may be easier to get a pulse on the company’s financial stability. If it’s a public company, that information is, as you would imagine, public. What this also means is that it’s available to you too. And, if your company is good at communicating to employees they probably share this information with you directly.

Which is awesome. Because whether things are stellar in the profit department or need room for improvement it’s good to know either way.

But if things are looking dismal, you should go with your gut.

You’re not happy

Symptoms: Your job feels like just that, a job. You hate going, you don’t like the people you work with and you don’t like what you’re working on.

My motto always is, work to live, not the other way around. We won’t do the math, but you spend a lot of hours at your job throughout your lifetime. Do you really want to dedicate all of that time to something you don’t even like? Me neither.

It’s in your hands to create your dream career. So if your current job doesn’t fit into the equation, dump it like that ex-boyfriend you never knew why you started dating in the first place.


When did you know it was time to move on to the next chapter of your career?