Quiz: What’s the Best Company Culture for You?

Have you ever asked yourself what is the best culture fit for you?

Well, we are. Because we know that a company’s culture is a big part of whether or not you enjoy going to each work day.

The subject of culture is becoming increasingly more prevalent in companies. How come? Because they know that their culture can be a key selling point to top talent like you. It’s weaved into the day-to-day of business, from how the company recognizes you, to whether or not you’ll find the CEO making their own coffee.

There’s no one-size-fits-all culture. From company to company it can be drastically different –there will be some you jive with and others you simply don’t –which is perfectly fine. But getting to know yourself a little better, and what environment you enjoy and excel in most can help you better narrow down what your “dream company” truly is.

Is the company focused on innovation and new ideas? Do they provide regular feedback to their teams and illustrate the value they have in their employees? Is the company experiencing a major change, like an acquisition?

Identifying what kind of culture you like best and which allows you to be your best when it comes to work is invaluable.

And guess what? That’s why we designed the What’s Your Ideal Company Culture Fit?  Quiz to help you zero in on which you identify with most.

We’ve identified four common corporate cultures you’ll encounter. Take the quiz and you’ll get the 411 on all four culture types and how to spot them. Find your best fit? We break down which skills to leverage and interview tips for each type when you’re applying.

Remember, a company’s culture is always evolving. You might find they exhibit characteristics of both. But with this quiz, you’ll be one step closer to understanding what work environment is right for you.

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