The Bag Every Career Girl Needs and the Woman Behind It

Parker Design Co-Founder - Taryn


Taryn Kutches is on a mission to design a backpack that measures up to the needs of working women, which all too often seem to fall short. In fact, the idea came to her at a work event when she noticed that most of the the men in the room were carrying backpacks. But, the women were stuck shuffling their heavy tote bags from shoulder to shoulder. Or, carrying all their items in hand.

This realization led to a night spent researching to find, that when it came to backpacks designed for professional women, a bag didn’t exist that made the cut. “I didn’t find the three things in a backpack I was looking for: style, function, and affordability,” said Taryn. “That’s when the idea for the Rosa Pak was born.”

Fast forward to today, Taryn co-founded Parker Design (named after her daughter, Parker) with Brian Hiddema to make the Rosa Pak a reality, with their Kickstarter campaign launching today. Together, they started the journey of simply envisioning the original concept to sewing the first prototype.

The Rosa Pak from Parker Design

The result? A backpack designed for the modern woman, who is on the go, but doesn’t want to sacrifice style.

The Rosa Pak, the bag’s namesake inspired by Rosa Parks, no less, meets Taryn’s original idea to deliver a backpack that is truly functional, while remaining fashionable.

It’s solving annoyances that other bag designs seem to ignore. Like, the need to be hands-free or thoughtful organization so that your chapstick finally stops disappearing into the black hole that is your handbag.

Made for the girl on the go it includes, a padded 15" laptop sleeve, two water bottle holders, thick padded straps for a comfort fit, and a burgundy red, waterproof canvas interior. Plus, there are three different colors to choose from: black, taupe and navy blue.

Parker Design - The Rosa Pak

But, Parker Design Co isn't just backpacks.

Parker Design isn’t just rethinking women’s fashion, Taryn and Brian also founded the company with the mission to positively impact the world. For every product sold, Parker Design will put $5 into what they call the  Parker Act of Kindness fund which will support an act of kindness each month.

Plus, when customers receive their Rosa Pak they’ll discover five “PAK cards” to inspire them to carry out acts of kindness themselves. “We hope that we can create a community of kindness, and these random acts of kindness will truly positively impact this world,” commented Taryn.

Parker Design - Bag Every Girl Needs

Want to get your hands on the Rosa Pak?

Parker Design’s Kickstarter campaign officially launched today, with the goal to fully fund the first production run of the Rosa Pak. There are multiple tiers available starting at $5, to pre-ordering the Rosa Pak at $160, all the way up to the highest bid that will get you three Rosa Paks.

All of the money raised from the Kickstarter campaign will go towards materials and manufacturing costs to make the first production of the backpacks a reality.

"I would have never thought in a million years that 'designer' would be something that describes me, but it has been my most challenging and rewarding experience," added Taryn.

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