My name is Taryn and I am the founder of TK+Co. We all have our dreams and I'm so happy you have found your way here, because this is mine. And part of this little dream I have is to help make yours happen too.

I've always been ambitious about my career, but I'm also passionate about living a life of balance.

At times, I almost feel as if I'm flip flopping between the two. One day I want to take on the world and slay the day away. The next, I'm content to stay home binge watching Gilmore Girls with Chinese food.

But, I for one, subscribe to the saying, work to live not the other way around. 

And, I think the key to balance is pursuing your passion. Designing a fulfilling and fun career that you're excited about, nearly every day.

Because I've been the person that doesn't want to get out of bed at the thought of going to work again. I've had jobs that didn't make me happy. And, that is no way to live. 

But the majority of my career, I've been blessed to love what I do. Which is what we're after right?

With that in mind, I began to create TK+Co. So, if you get anything out of this corner of the internet I hope it's this:

You deserve a career and life you love. So don't hesitate to chase after your version of happy.

I call Wisconsin home with my two favorite guys. My soon to be husband, Brian and our spoiled black lab, major emphasis on spoiled. He's made me a self-described "dog mom" and now I want to adopt every pup I see.  

Laughter and naps are what fuel me. And, they are also what I believe are some of the best cures for even the most difficult days. 

Oh, and Diet Coke.

Yoga pants are my jam, family and friends are one of my biggest priorities and I eat raw chocolate chip cookie dough for dessert from time to time, so you could say I'm a bit of risk taker.