Introducing Career Diaries: Real Women, Real Stories

Introducing Career Diaries


We’re excited to introduce a new series that we want you, our readers, to be a part of: Career Diaries.

We're on a mission to tell the untold stories of millennial women and their careers. We are asking you to share your authentic, week-in-the life diary as you navigate your career and all that comes with it. Thanks goes to Refinery 29’s Money Diaries for the inspiration!

Published anonymously, we want this new series to shed light on the real issues, challenges and triumphs young women are experiencing at work. Navigating office politics? Learning the ropes at a new job? Balancing day care drop offs and 8 am meetings? We want to hear it! Tune in soon to get a peek at the unfiltered lives of real women at work.

Are you interested in submitting your own Career Diary in the future? Then, keep reading babe.

Why Should I Submit A Career Diary?

With this series we hope to share an unfiltered look into the challenges and cheers-worthy moments of all kinds of women, to tell their unique story.

Not only do we find that many enjoy sharing, but  by providing a platform for  fluff-free stories of women at work, not only is it an interesting read, but more importantly we feel it will help other women.

How so? By giving them insight into other professions, learning how others are navigating the corporate landscape and discussing real issues that women face as they advance.

What Are You Looking For In A Career Diary?

We want to hear your honest and genuine story. Don't shy away from the good or the challenging moments you encounter throughout the week. Navigating office politics? Learning the ropes at a new job? Balancing daycare drop offs and 8 a.m. meetings? We want to hear it, and so do our readers.

A great Career Diary is in the details, generally the more of your unique, personal experiences you can share the more it resonates with readers. Check your submission for grammar, spelling and structure before hitting send; incomplete sentences make it more difficult to publish. No need for it to read like an essay, use your own, conversational voice.

We want to tell a diverse spectrum of stories from women. That's why we love to receive submissions of all kinds from women in different jobs, locations, industries and facing different moments of celebration and challenges as they pursue their career.

How Do I Submit A Career Diary?

Journal your work week Monday through Friday and share it with us here, by completing the form here. We will ask for minimal information such as, location, job, age, industry and salary (optional) to include in the diary.

Outside of this information Career Diaries are published to our site anonymously. We do also ask you to submit your first name and email in case a member of our team needs to contact you, but it is not published.

How Should I Format My Career Diary?

Your diary should read like a day in the life of you, but for the entire work week. Thus, we ask that you format your Career Diary with entries that are date stamped, like so:

9 a.m. Get to my desk coffee in hand....
11:30 a.m. Skipping lunch to finish my project proposal….

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