Interview Checklist: What You Need That Day to Feel Prepared

Interview Checklist: What You Need the Day of to Feel Prepared

It’s here, the day of the job interview. You’re probably feeling a little bit excited, anxious and nervous all at once. Makes sense! You’re trying your best to give a stellar first impression. And, convince your interviewer(s) in a short time frame that you’re the lady boss for the job. (Um, you totally are by the way). And the more you want the job, the more you feel the pressure.

To feel more calm and confident I am a big believer in preparation. In life, some things call for winging it, but I don’t think a job interview ever falls in that category. Check these items off your list as you are getting ready the day of and you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

Must have items to bring with you.

Multiple copies of your resume and your cover letter too
Just in case your interviewer asks for it again or they want a copy in front of them at the time, always bring more copies of your resume than you need. If you’re meeting with three people, bring six. It’s also a good practice to bring your cover letter in case they reference it, but not as crucial as having a copy of your resume.

A list of your references and their contact information
Most won’t ask for your references in the interview.  Either they already have them, or they'll ask for them later in the process. But, they could and how great will you look with a copy of them ready to hand over? You might also feel it appropriate to pass them along before you part ways.

A portfolio or samples of your work
I will admit it doesn’t make sense for all industries or jobs. On the flip side, in some it’s an expectation to have a portfolio. Either way, if you have past work you can showcase I highly encourage you to take this extra step.

A pen and pad of paper
Kind of self-explanatory. I l-o-v-e to take notes during an interview, you look engaged and interested in the conversation by default. Also, not to mention it’s helpful later when you want to write genuine and specific thank you notes to your interviewers. 

Helpful items to help you rock it.

Notes prepared for yourself
It’s easy to get caught up in the questions you’re getting asked and you leave realizing you completely forgot to mention your umpteen years of experience in ice cream tasting (helpful if you’re applying at Ben & Jerry’s maybe).

I think you get what I mean. There are certain things you simply have to make known to ensure them you’re right for the job. Having key points you want to get across jotted down for you to glance at throughout the interview will be a lifesaver.

A copy of the job description
Again, something helpful to reference if you need it. Make it simple and jot your key points directly on it. It’s simply another resource at your disposal to keep you in the right head space.

A list of questions you want to ask
I think the time during an interview that you get to ask questions is very important. It is your opportunity to be sure the company and role is the right fit for you –which can be difficult as it is! Think about what is important to you ahead of time and write them down.

Thank you notes
If you plan to send a personal, handwritten thank you note to your interviewer I like to have them with me. That way, I can write it while the experience is still fresh in my mind.

Bonus Tip: Have the envelopes pre-addressed and stamped that way you can drop them in the mail right away.

Things to help you feel your best.

A (girl) power outfit
Wear an outfit that first and foremost, is comfortable and stray away from brand new pieces of your wardrobe that you haven’t taken for a test drive yet. The last thing you want is to be is questioning the length of your skirt or be tugging at your shirt. Or the worst, have screaming feet thanks to your heels. Last, but certainly not least, wear something that makes you feel confident!

A healthy snack
No, I’m not telling you to be munching during the interview. But, it can be helpful to have something you can grab before or after to keep you fueled. You don’t want your stomach grumbling. Plus, interviews can be long! You walk in and four hours later you walk out and the hanger is creeping in.

Other stuff you might want
A brush, a lint roller, mints (no gum), deodorant, stress sweat is real y'all.

What are your musts when headed to a job interview?