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You deserve a career you love.

Yes, you. You deserve a career that gives you a sense of passion, purpose and meets your version of success.

Our careers make up a big part of our lives. Don't they? If we were to add up the days, hours and minutes the number might be a little eye opening.

So, wouldn't you agree life is waaay to short to not enjoy what you do? My answer to that is: Heck yeah it is! 

Just like other aspects of our lives, when it comes to your career, actually especially when it comes to your career, I believe you shouldn't settle. 

And in my book that means:

  • Not continuing to work for a company you don't believe in.
  • Not failing to ask for the salary you deserve.
  • Not compromising your personal life for the 9 to 5.
  • Not working for a boss that is making your anxiety level rise.
  • Not letting your doubts stop you from going after exactly what you want. 

And most of all, simply not spending your time doing something that doesn't make you happy.

How do you do that? By treating your career as if you are the CEO. 

Cue the mission of TK+Co.

That's right babe, you call the shots. Because the thing is, you have the capability to be and have the whole package.

TK+Co is a space to give women the advice, tools and community to help you do just that, all with a dose of relatable talk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I created TK+Co with the young, professional woman in mind. It is for the gal set out to create a life she loves from the start and she knows that her career is a part of that. 

She's looking to slay her career, on her own terms. The tools, courses and community as part of TK+Co are all about that. 

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First, I would love for you to join if you haven't already!

The #GirlBoss Gal Pals community is a free Facebook group hosted by me as a space for career talk + real talk will fellow every day gals going after their dream.

It's about relatable talk, a space to ask questions, connect and get advice about your career from one another.

Empowering and helping fellow babes is the number one priority. Part of TK+Co is about cheering each other on!

I would love to hear how you think we could collaborate! Just drop me a note at 

Hey, there. I'm Taryn!

I'm on a mission to help girl bosses like you, design a career path they love.

Let's be gal pals.

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