7 Secrets to Staying Positive While Job Searching

7 Secrets to Staying Positive While Job Searching

Let’s be real, looking for a job can be downright draining. It can be tough to stay positive while job searching when you’ve reached your breaking point and are ready to throw in the towel. You’re firing away cover letters left and right and all you hear is crickets. Or, you feel like you nailed an interview, but you just got word that you didn’t quite make the cut.

The whole experience can feel a little defeating. Or, have you ugly crying in front of your laptop. The truth is, there are a lot of factors why your job search might not be going as seamlessly as you would have liked. But, there are ways to keep your spirits up amongst the rollercoaster of applications and interviews.  

Know that there’s likely a lot going on at the places you’re applying to.

When you’re job searching time can get a little twisted. The days you’re waiting to hear back from a recruiter begin to feel like ages.

You’re anxiously refreshing your inbox hoping that a new message will be waiting for you from them. Sometimes your friendly follow ups don’t get answered as quickly as you would have thought either. What’s. The. Deal.

Right now, this job search is probably consuming a big part of your brain. Which totally makes sense. But, the recruiter or hiring manager on the other end has a lot of different things to juggle and this is just one of them.

While they’re very much interested in finding someone to fill this role and join their team, the process can be painstakingly slow at times. Remind yourself of that every time you feel the need to check your email or voicemail.

I know it feels like forever, but in the corporate world it’s not.

Also, their priorities can change.

There’s many times that a team gets the green light to hire on a new member and then not too much later it comes to a screeching halt. And you’re caught in the middle of it, ugh.

You were moving through the hiring process with a company and then it all just kind of fizzles.

Unfortunately this happens more than you might think. Priorities can swiftly change in the business and now hiring isn’t on the top anymore. Whether the department was told to reduce spending or its leader parted ways with the company, it’s shake ups like these that can mess with their plans to hire someone new.

Often we jump to conclusions and fault ourselves. But remember, sometimes it’s them, not you.

Don’t play the game of comparison.

This will surely challenge your ability to stay positive while job searching, comparing your situation to everyone else’s.

For instance, after getting your bachelor's or master’s degree it almost feels like a silent game of who will reach the finish line first. Your brain can’t help but wonder and think: Well, Kristen landed a job she loved right away. And look at Amber, she’s already in a manager role.


It won’t serve you in anyway and just leave you feeling down. When the truth is, you’re qualified and capable and measuring yourself against someone else isn’t fair to yourself (or them really.)

No, doesn’t mean never.

It’s undeniable that it’s hard to hear no. You get the email and you instantly have pit in your stomach.

But, if you get a no from a company that you were really excited to work for it doesn’t necessarily mean never.  

Speaking of rejection, there’s other fish in the sea.

It’s easy to feel very invested in a company, especially if you reach the final stages of the interview process. You might have already started to picture yourself working there and then you get the (not awesome) news.

But know that there are a lot of great companies and organizations to work for. And sometimes a “no” leaves you available for an even better opportunity around the corner.

Focus on the aspects of your search that you can control.

Anxiousness can build when you begin to feel like your future is the hands of someone else. Did you just send that application into abandon? Will a recruiter even see it? What if they don’t like me? Did they get that thank you note I sent in the mail?

It’s enough to make you go crazy, especially the longer you’re job searching.

Avoid getting caught up in thoughts like this, or analyzing the answer you gave to, “tell me about yourself” over and over in your head days after the interview.

Instead focus on the aspects of your job search that are in your control.  

Ask for help if you need it.

Does your job search just not seem to be going like you hoped? Step back and reassess. Should you have someone take a look at your resume for a different perspective? Can you let your connections know that you’re looking?

Don’t hesitate to reach out or seek out resources to help you while you’re pursuing the next step in your career.

What are your tips to stay positive while job searching?


  1. Thank you for this post! I’m trying to get back into the workforce after 2 years and it’s difficult after being in a long term company prior. Really trying to keep my head up especially how I did 4 interviews and then I got told a no, I keep saying because something better has to be coming along over and over!

    1. Yes, I love that mindset! I’ve always found that there definitely is something better around the corner. But, I know it can be tough when you’re in the midst of it. Sending good vibes your way and your job search. 🙂

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